Wasim akram slams hayden


Akram felt that Hayden’s comments were a result of Aussies’ old habit of bad-mouthing their opponents whenever they lose.

“The thing about the Aussies is that they are sore losers. They get personal when they get beaten. It is all a matter of sour grapes and after going home, they’ve started calling India a third-world country,” Akram said.

Hayden complained it was the host batsmen’s reluctance to face problems with people around the sight screen that led to the Aussies falling behind the over rate.

The comments came at a time when several top Australian cricketers, including Hayden, turned to India to make a quick buck from the cash-rich Indian Premier league (IPL).

“India is a superpower now; it is a hundred years ahead of Australia, which is no more than a village, as compared to India. You don’t blame sight screens for poor over rates. Even Allan Border was critical of Australian tactics on the pitch,” Akram said.


2 Responses

  1. Hayden is like any one in what they call themselves as Developed Nation in remembering the History about them and their nation.
    Hayden you are in a land of migrants and that too thieves and robbers in Europe landed there and got rid of the natives of the land.
    India was a super power before looted by the English and may be your forefater is part of that.
    We are now a super power again and we are not looking for methods to avoid recession like you guys.
    Also try to play the sport with Bat and Ball and not with your stupid mouth which relies on your unthinkable brain.
    Jai Hind

  2. great Eujal , i never knew their history would be as bad as this ……..no wonder then in the way they speak and behave …after all thieves at last

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