India china war documents


The simmering tensions between the two countries india and china could be ignited as china declassifies the 1962 war documents which contains the happenings of the war in the himalayas back in 1962.

Forty years back it was a humiliating defeat that the indian army had faced as india had believed in china as india focussed on non violence.

Today both countries have repaired their relations to some extend but the wounds are unforgettable . Fingers where pointed out at the then prime minister Jawaharlal nehru and defence minister Krishna menon for they were ill prepared and they were incharge of the armys eastern frontier.

 After the war india claimed that chinese have occupied 33000 square kilometers ok aksai chin region of ladakh. Beijing claimed india had occupied 99000 square kilometers and is claiming the whole of arunachal pradesh. Succesive governments have refused to relese the Henderson – brooks report that investigated the lapses of 1962. Still the after maths have not fully repaired , china does not consider sikkim as india’s territory, nuclear test by india in 1998 ,india’s allegation that china is arming pakistan.

To add fuel china is declassifing the war documents , when all try to forget the wounds, china want to ignite one.


3 Responses

  1. the biggest coincidence is that it were released in time before our first PM Jawahar Lal Nehru just to embarass the governing Indian congress.

  2. We all know china is cunny like a fox , it supplies weapons and other aids to pakistan for the only reason to keep india busy with dealing problems related to pakistan

  3. can anyone tell me where to get this declassified material?

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