Another Chennai College Clash – Tamilians Vs North Indians

Tamil and non-Tamil students here clashed over food served in a college hostel Friday that left three students injured, police said. This was the second violent clash between students in the city within three days. The institution, Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology, was closed by the authorities following the violence. According to police, the Tamil and non-Tamil students of the institute, located in the southern part of the city, disagreed over the quality of food served in the hostel mess. The argument soon turned violent with some students assaulting members of the other group with iron pipes. Eighteen students were arrested. A local court released them in the evening. A local hospital discharged the injured students later, officials said. The hostel was closed till further notice, a college spokesman told reporters. Meanwhile, a division bench of the Madras High Court heard petitions on the fracas that took place in the campus of the Dr. Ambedkar Law College on Wednesday that left three students seriously injured. The court heard writ petitions from six advocates, including senior lawyer Sriram Panchu, who argued that the suspended law college principal K.K. Sridev had ignored a committee’s recommendations in 2001 to prevent lawlessness in the campus. The court adjourned the matter to Tuesday bunching it with another writ petition that had been filed Thursday. Newly-appointed city police commissioner K. Radhakrishnan told reporters earlier in the day that several teams had been despatched to different parts of the state to apprehend over 20 students of the law college who had beaten their colleagues on Wednesday following disagreement over an invitation for a political event.


2 Responses

  1. The first thing that should have been done is that the Law Minister of India MUST resign, followed by the CM/Tamilnadu and the supreme court Chief Justice.
    Followed that the Police(idiot nuts) should have been prosecuted and condemned for at least 20 years of prison failing to maintain the law & duty for which these nonsense were really recruited and paid salary.

    Alas ! none of this will happen in “MODERN INDIA”, a few ACP ranked officers will be TRANSFERRED (that’s the INDIAN version of rigorous punishment!!!)from one unit to another, and few constable will be suspended(after a few months they will be bought back following the local Police association lobby!!). Ofcourse none of the Bloody future lawmakers(who are redoubtably worst than criminals) will be banned for their life.. those monks will still continue to complete their course with flying colors, get LLB degree, and someday become law minister or supreme court judges !!!
    Isn’t all these make INDIA an ideal RECIPE to label as BEST CIVILIZED country of this world!! That’s the reason why rapes, murder and dishonesty has became a part of everyday India. Does anyone sees hope?? Not at all coz the very backbone is so badly screwed that its gone irreversible.
    Anyway Congrats the future lawyers for your excellent effort to keep high the Indian name and morale!! just ask yourselves…. ARE you even deserved to be called as an ANIMAL ??? English need to discover news words to describe gems like you ! Keep it up and kill India…. Bravo

  2. yes atul you are right , and the present ministers were also students of the same college , so they dont find anything unusal in this , this will remain like this until people like u and me remain critics of politics rather than beign in politics which is unlikely to happen

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