Jaiprakash hospital newdelhi

Government general hospital in central Delhi is poor mans nightmare . On an average 3 out of 10 infants die in this hospital . You can find stray dogs inside the hospital wards. Saroj a poor women and her 2day baby are lying in the floor . The death rate is a alarming 31% . In 2006 , 275 infants died out of 988 new born.

 A bacterial infection is the cause,which is due to extreme unhygienic practices and surroundings in the hospital . This maternity ward has only 30 nurses , 2 doctors per shift and 2 attendants . Is enough money being pumped in the health care system which is the only way the poor can afford to be born and live in this earth .

Had this been a private hospital , there would have a uproar , extensive media coverage , immediate intervention of the government . This is beign highlighted by media only now but figures emerged from 2006. Imagine how many babies were denied entry to this earth due to the only reason of being poor .

Anbumani Ramdoss the health minister has taken note of the issue . He should first look in to major issues like this before running behind smokers and drinkers and gay rights which are secondary . First let the child to be born , then we can make him how he should be in this society which cares for rich . The funniest thing is that these things are being said to the ministry or some other source , They dont have any audits or a system like that i suppose.

Is this society giving greater care to dogs rather than humans


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  1. How ramdoss left this primary health care issues which are dreadfull and was looking in to other issues . Is there atleast a single audit been taken place . whats your call on our health care system .

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