hayden calls india a third world country

“A bad cobbler blames his tools” is the proverb that is apt for the Australian team . Unable to digest the humiliating defeat the team had in the test series, the aussie team is trying all dirty tricks in the world to cover up their defeat.

Australians had to face heat back home for their first ever humiliating defeat . Pointing had to face the Australian board for using the part time bowlers to cover-up the lag overs left . First it was gillchrist who called sachin a liar and bad sportsmen in his book which will be sold only for these craps .

Now its hayden’s turn, hayden has called india a third world country .

Hayden has said ” The opposition batsmen are very hard to get their face up” . Hayden also said that side screen adjustments also took more time.                                                                                 Hayden also said that “we often find our self with our hands on hip waiting for someone to face up or someone in the sight-board to move away; all the little frustrations that happen in the third world countries and the heat as well”

It is india where he performed well and came back to his team years before . This is not the first time hayden is touring india , only when they loose they found india as a third world country . Hayden has also said they were irritated  by the batsmen who ever was late in coming and caused interruption between the game .

If at all Hayden has some self respect he should not play the IPL which is also conducted in india, shameless creature he is , so i am sure he will come to IPl and say india gave a warm welcome to him.

 Should BCCI ban him from playing IPL.


2 Responses

  1. Hayden should be banned from playing IPL , his comments are humiliating for all indians . How can he make a statement like that . He will be given a shamefull treatement when he plays in IPL.Bhajji was quick to react , he said “this is why they lost , rather than practicing for the match they r busy writng scripts and books” .Super bhajji

  2. He should be ban to come to India… and touch India land.

    They bugger don’t have anything of their own, they are thief people… took Australia from Aboriginals’ hand and try to be very high level people…

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