Deshdrohi film banned


Deshdrohi film which was to be released on november 14 has been banned in maharashtra , as it may errupt violence by adding fuel to the prevailing tension between the bihar immigrants and mumbaikars .

Deshdrohi is a film which show casts the difficulties immigrants face in mumbai. the film has many dialogues which could escalate the tension ,and the timing of the release are the reasons for the ban.

The film is banned for 60 days and after which a review will be made . Top police officials had viewed the film and had suggested the government for the ban . The film revolves arounnd a immigrant who comes to mumbai in search of a job and gets caught in a insider – outsider issue . The film is being produced and acted by kamal kahn a bhojpuri actor .

whats your view on this , should the film be banned.


One Response

  1. the film should be banned as of now and later screened after the 60 day review

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