Charges filed against sharad pawar and BCCI

BCCI is under fire after Calcutta high court has initiated criminal charges against 6 BCCI officials on committment of prejury, the officials include Sharad pawar,N.shah and Manohar. Srinivasan also faces charges.These charges are non-bailable offence in the indian law which makes the hearing more serious.

Former BCCI president, and present president CAB Jagmohan dalmiya who is known for his strong comebacks and master mind was delighted with out doubt on hearing the news.Dalmiya has made a strong come back after the corruption charges that was lashed against him by the present BCCI commitee squad. Dalmiya was removed in december 2006on corruption charges .Dalmiya commented on the issue as “always truth prevails,Atlast my stand is vindicated” .

Sharad pawar commented on the criminal charges as”dont know anything about affidavit , how cai i comment on the situation” . R.shetty is also among the 6 officials against whom the charges are filed.With Jagmohan dalmia around the sharad pawar camp will have some tuff time and its advantage dalmiya as of now .


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