Advani meets rajni

Will they be next prime minister and chief minister . Rajnikanth the southern super star is in hot news after advani met rajni in hais residence here in chennai on wednesday. 

The meeting was on about 45 minutes and sources fron the BJP say that was about the current political and communal situations prevailing . Soon after rajnikanth was present in the Naradha gang sabha for a book release fuction . The book was a tamil translation about the autobiography of advani “My country , My life”. cho who was also present in the meeting was in full mood , he had said that if some other leaders had titled this book they would have named as “My family ,My life” referring to CM. 

The meeting holds great importance due to the time of the meet . Few days back rajni fans were adomned that they want rajni to enter politics for which rajni replied ” it cant be forced,when god sents the message he will start” . On Rajni’s point of view , it is good for him to start his own party and offer support to advani . BJP has a very mere presence in south until they won in karnataka , may be they want to expand it , and to have their first foot print in tamilnadu , rajni is the best bet for them . But with secular ideology being dent on BJP , rajni will be cautious even if he starts his own party.

When asked about rajni’s involvement in the function, he replied ” advani dad invited him and it is a courtesy , nothing else” .With chiranjeevi floating his new party , fans are more eager to see their superstar to float one. May god might have sent advani as a message to rajni to start his political carrer.


4 Responses

  1. i beleive our super star will fledge in to politics this year, whats ur view

  2. Rajini still a mass (super) star.

    It seems Rajini wants to enter this time…

    Though it is very late, his decision is good..
    I wish to see a new ERA…
    Enough of AMMA and MK…

    I also wish to see a decent party with qualified people.. not rowdies and rogues…
    For a party should stay , it should retire the leaders by 60..
    But rajini starts after 60…..
    We need decent leaders like Vajpayee & Kalam., unmarried and clean people.

  3. I would prefer to wait and see what Rajini stands for. I mean his policies and views towards many issues facing our nation. I have good opinion on Rajini, but still doubtfull about this mettle.

  4. Politics already entered superstar…so he does not need to go for politics…
    m sure he will ROCK YOU..

    You have 100% YOUTHS SUPPORT…

    we are bored of ADMK…n…DMK…



    come… together we do it….

    YES, WE CAN…….

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