Gautam gambhirs charges errupts ICC’s racist consideration

It was on the first day of the third test in delhi which saw high tension foulding out between the two teams. Gautam gambhir in great form and aussies in great frustration.

Watson and Gautam had a verbal clash in the middle session , soon after in the very next ball, gautam on his first run was proved by watson and on his second run he ran in to watson elbowing him out.

And here comes ICC to the rescue of the aussies,watson who provoked and created the whole drama was fined 10% of his match fee, where as Zaheer khan was fined 80% of his match fee, for his verbal words when mathew hayden got out in the second innings in mohali . Besides Katich who also had verbal abuses was never even warned by the referee chris broad.

Gautam gamhir’s level2 offence and his ban is justified by his physical action , but letting the aussies as if they are saints doesn’t look good . This action by the referee has brought in the senior indian crickets in action . Sunil gavaskar was the first one to react who had correctly predicted the action that ICC would take against gautam and nothing against the aussies . Cheatan cauhan was also with his displeasure of gambhir in great form and his ban is being laid by ICC . So is ICC harsh againgt asians .

Do you remember Virender Sehwag was given not out when everybody appealed and Ricky Ponting, the Australian captain, came from extra cover towards the umpire and kept on appealing . Now if that had been an Indian, the match referee would have taken him to task, fined him… This is where I think the ICC needs to actually get its act together.

And no one can ever forget Mike proctor , the great south african hero for aussies . The three umpires (third umpire included) gave 12 terrible decisions against Indian team, condemning them to defeat. India was playing against 14 players. Both Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson seemed like they were playing for Australia.
ICC’s love for australia is great …….keep it up ICC…u can


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  1. is ICC racist , leave ur comments

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