John McCain lost because of bush in any form

In the 2004 elections John McCain was beaten by George W Bush. In 2008 ironically, Bush isn’t running but his long and unflattering list of failed policies could be behind McCain’s downfall.

“McCain equals more of the same,” Obama had said in his Invesco victory speech.

Bush’s legacy is a shadow McCain has desperately tried to shrug off.

“Senator Obama, I am not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago,” said McCain during the final presidential debate at Hosftra.

With the lowest presidential approval ratings ever of 22 per cent according to a poll the flailing McCain campaign can do without an endorsement from Bush.

President Bush did not even attend the Republican National Convention but made a short speech via teleconference.

Governor Sarah Palin admitted in an interview over the weekend that President Bush’s unpopularity is the number one problem for the Republican presidential ticket.


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